EMS DolorClast® Shockwave Therapy

Radial Shock Wave Therapy for the treatment of plantar fasciitis/fasciopathy and Achilles tendonopathies

EMS Pain Therapy

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What Are DolorClast® Radial Shock Waves?

In 1997, EMS patented the first radial shock wave device, the Swiss DolorClast®, based on the ballistic principle.

Compressed air sent to the handpiece accelerates a projectile, which strikes a fixed applicator at high speed (up to 90 km/h). The kinetic energy resulting from this movement is converted into a shock wave transmitted in a radial manner to the targeted tissues.

Shock waves delivery is short in time, usually lasting just a few minutes, thus enabling to be coupled with other therapies within the same session as recommended by the GDT. DolorClast® Shock wave protocol usually includes a total of three to five sessions, planned at a rate of one to two sessions per week with an interval of minimum 72h between them.

Plantar Fascia Stretching

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