Nail Infection?

Persistent mykotic nails? Discover the clinically backed Low Level Laser Therapy to promote infection free, healthy growth.

Lunular Laser™

FDA cleared technology from global leaders Erchonia™, for the treatment of damaged and infected nails.

Fungal (Mykotic) nail infection can be split into two catagories: dermatophyte and non dermatophyte.  Both groups of fungus can result in nail infection and also have their own sub catagories, as there are many types of fungal strains.

Dermatophyte fungi thrive on keratin (protein) in the nails whereas non dermatophyte grow in an enviroment with mould.  It is possible to have both types of nail fungus, however, the majority of nail infection is the result of dermatophyte fungi.

Various types of nail infection and presentation

Fungal nail infection can present in four various ways, depending on the portal of entry to the nail and the type of fungus.  These are known as Distal Subungual Onychomycosis (DSO) / Proximal Subungual Onychomycosis (PSO) / White Superficial Onymychosis (WSO) and Candida Onymychosis (CO).

Successful treatment of fungal nails is possible.  Some people may find success with topical antifungal products, whilst others may be able to have a prescribed oral treatment.  

For those who have yet to succeed with topical products, or do not wish to take oral prescribed treatment, the Lunular Laser ™ is a safe, painless and clinically backed treatment option.

"The Lunular Laser™ is a low-level laser in a box that effectively targets onychomycosis" - Erchonia™.

Lunular Laser™

Clinically backed technology, patented design, pain free and safe.

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Lunular Laser™ Success

Mary, Douglas, IOM.

“Very pleased with the results of the Lunular Laser on my big toe nail, it looks normal again!”

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