Swiss Shockwave treatment of Shin Splints, Achille's Tentonopathies and Plantar Fasciosis

EMS DolorClast® Swiss Shockwave

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Fungal Nail Infection?

Discover the FDA cleared medical treatment from global leaders Erchonia™

Lunular Laser™

Exclusive to the IOM, the Lunular Laser™ is a painfree treatment to help promote healthy nail growth
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Stubborn Verruca?

Swift® CE Certified Medical Devive for hand warts and verrucas


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The 1st Clinic on the Island to embrace Swiss DororClast® Shockwave, Lunula Laser™ & Swift® Microwave technology

A Modern Podiatry Clinic

Offering the latest clinically backed medical treatments
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3FM Makes a Visit

Chris from 3FM finds out more

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Royal Title for Podiatry

(The late) Her Majesty the Queen grants Royal title to the College of Podiatry
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Nail Surgery

Considered a permanant solution for the relief of ingrowing toe nails

Persistent Ingrown Nail?

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Foot Care Tips

Useful advice from Diabetic foot care to festival feet

Be Prepared

Practical hints & tips from treating Athlete's foot to caring for aging feet
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A little snap shot of training and qualification certificates

Pop Podiatry

A podiatry service with all treatments carried out with you by a registered Podiatrist
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Clean Air Clinic

Infection Control and Sterilization of Instruments

Our equipment, processes, products and more.