Clean Instruments? Absolutely.

Enbio® S Swiss Medical Autoclave

Class B (highest Class) vaccum steam medical device to ensure instruments are sterile and ready for use.

Digital recored cycle captures

Enbio® S

Designed in Switzerland
Enbio® S Steam Steriliser Specifications
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Magic Filter

Innovation from Enbio®
Contributing to being enviromentally concious
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A Swiss medical autoclave manufacturer
Learn more about Enbio®, their heritage, mission and values.
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Top 10 Tips

GOV.UK regulatory guidance from Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency

Helix Testing

Daily QA check to ensure adequate steam sterilisation. The Helix strips comply to EN867-1, ISO class 5 regulations.

Bowie & Dick Test

QA test to ensure adequate steam penetration and vacum air removal into wrapped loads (instruments). Conform to EN IS0 1140 – 1 Class 2.

Ultrasonic Cleaning? Sorted.

Designed and made in the UK by one of the UK’s largest maufacturers, suppling ultrasonic medical devices to a variery of industaries.

We love it’s compact size, ease of use and best of all…digital capture of each cleaning cycle.

Clean from a Molecular Level

Our chosen instrument cleaning products are from industary leading and certified manufacturers, including Ruhof® CE certified products from ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) certified facilities.